This is how you Fall

This is how you Fall:
On yellow leaves
With the early morning rain
Under the gloomy gray sky
This is how you Fall.
Curled up in a large pumpkin
Drunk on mulled cider
Rolling down the road
Slow with the wind
This is how I fall
Slow with the yellow leave
Hard with the morning rain
Ripe with the sun
I fall and fall and fall
We fall, because it’s the season
We fall, because it’s what mother wanted us to do
Because pumpkins want a prime season in their laziness
Because the light of summer needs a place to rest in darkness
Because it’s not easy to hang on from trees for the whole season – I speak of leaves.
This is how you Fall.
Soft in the pumpkin pie,
Warm in the sweater
Slow in transition
And dark in yourself.

D.C. 9.26.16

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