click clack
click clack
they don’t tie you to a chair and beat you up anymore
nor they let the water tap open
dripping on your forehead to drive your insane.
but they still suck your soul out
they want to tame you
until nothing of you is left
until you give it all up
they pay you to sit there
40 hours a week
60 hours a week
70 hours a week
100 hours a week.
like a man who is asked to eat his own flesh for money.
where did you start?
and you are high on coffee and adderall
and your reports look much better than your love life ever will
and you make that maddening noise yourself
click clack
click clack
and you walk down the streets of
a city maddened
over achieving
and 12 shots of espresso.
Walking down the heartless spaces
taken over
by work places
pass by cafes that look like morgue rooms
you pass by these cities
by productivity
by soylent
by its own power
like a man high on power and powder
and near burst.

Washington, D.C.

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