Naomi Shihab Nye – 300 Goats

Resist like goats my friends, also huddle up as needed! Cuddles and hugs are important in times of resistance! Also my mom is a total badass – had a phone call with her and she laughed at my barely audible voice.. (I lost most of it yesterday) This is what said: “Next time take a thermos with you with hot tea and some honey and few drops of olive oil, that’ll help you chant (shout) longer and will keep you warm. And oh be careful crossing the street, love you” Thanks, ma! Love you too!

Naomi Shihab Nye
300 Goats

In icy fields.

Is water flowing in the tank?

Will they huddle together, warm bodies pressing?

(Is it the year of the goat or the sheep?

Scholars debating Chinese zodiac,

follower or leader.)

O lead them to a warm corner,

little ones toward bulkier bodies.

Lead them to the brush, which cuts the icy wind.

Another frigid night swooping down — 

Aren’t you worried about them? I ask my friend,

who lives by herself on the ranch of goats,

far from here near the town of Ozona.

She shrugs, “Not really,

they know what to do. They’re goats.”

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