Basquiat and Sexy Food

Here is a poem in word collage form from a couple of bars, arts shows, living rooms, and the screening of the Jean-Michel Basquiat movie.

I live right next to the Catholic University,
I sucked Pope’s cock.
and he’s there all the time.

I like that you’ll like this if you liked that
what does that mean?
what does what mean?
what’s the definition of that?
definition of “you guys be good”
what does that mean?

I am definitely a woman in her thirties,
We have that air about us.
Have you seen their outfit?
It doesn’t get manlier than that
unless you are Hemingway.

I am part of the problem.
You are part of the problem.
Seems like humanity is the problem.

oh. my. god.
a baby duck!

Do you have 600 dollars?
I need 600 dollars.
do you have 600 cigarets?
I can sell them each for a dollar.
Do you have one cigaret?


Are you a robot?
How old are you?
I do comedy.
I did porn once.
only a robot will watch what the internet suggests them to watch.

Put me on your menu.
Would that freak you out?

Second favorite is better than the first –
second favorite gets kind of permanent place,
First favorite tends to rotate a lot.
Make me immortal!
Maybe you are too tall.

I can’t write about elephants bathing in cool mud on a hot summer day.
That’s not me.

Look at that moose!
I would grow a pair and do that,
I would never,
who would?
only the sane.
the sane?
yes the sane.

I am so horny I could fuck a wall,
maybe I should have some more honey.

How old are you?
This tastes terrible
but I won’t waste it.

what are you writing about?
Drunk man in a gutter.
what is that?
Look at that moose

You don’t know where these feet have been.
You don’t know where these lips have been.
Is that door tilted?
This might sound crazy.

Washington, D.C.

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