I am always nervous when I need to ask someone to move out so I can pee.


A flight could be your mother holding you
after years of solitude.
or a heartless job that eats your soul
or warm sand that touches your toes
or your grandfather’s dead body
lovers tears
and the nostalgia of lost time.
Depending on
and time of your flight.
Did the clouds always look so sad from the seat A3?
Oh the window seat when I am sad
why are you so cliche?
and How is this sunset lasting for 3 hours?
and why am I crying to this emotionally abusing drama
sitting next to a german family?
(Ah shit – shouldn’t have written a love letter on the napkin)
and why is that I never have a love story involving a 12 hour flight
with a beautiful woman
to the same city
in which magically
we live in the same neighborhood.
Ah why aren’t you sitting next to me on this flight?
A flight can be many things
a beginning
an ending
even a poem.

Washington, D.C.

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