Leonard Cohen – Two went to sleep

You can listen to him read it to you here: https://youtu.be/rYrE_DOmZbo?t=37s

Then you can open a window somewhere, and listen to the side walk purr like the cats in Istanbul on a warm summer day under the Walnut tree in Gulhane park. Then you can listen to the lovers laugh gaily on the street corners. Then you can wash your eyes, and lend them to the world to see differently. Then you can snap your fingers and dream that you are a sailboat, and the Aegean Sea is lifting your chest up as the wind blowing from Greece fills your lungs and pushes you toward the same shore, once Leonard fell in love with Marianne. Then you can live a thousand new life, or not. Then you can lift your head and look at someone and smile. As for me, I am smiling to many faces buried in Tuesday, buried in books, phone, screens – smiling at my own imperfections, my own loneliness, my own business. Then I take my smile, my loneliness, my voice and blow them to the wind, then I forget my name, then I lick the air, then I…

Leonard Cohen

Two went to sleep

Two went to sleep

almost every night

one dreamed of mud

one dreamed of Asia

visiting a zeppelin

visiting Nijinsky

Two went to sleep

one dreamed of ribs

one dreamed of senators

Two went to sleep

two travellers

The long marriage

in the dark

The sleep was old

the travellers were old

one dreamed of oranges

one dreamed of Carthage

Two friends asleep

years locked in travel

Good night my darling

as the dreams waved goodbye

one travelled lightly

one walked through water

visiting a chess game

visiting a booth

always returning

to wait out the day

One carried matches

one climbed a beehive

one sold an earphone

one shot a German

Two went to sleep

every sleep went together

wandering away

from an operating table

one dreamed of grass

one dreamed of spokes

one bargained nicely

one was a snowman

one counted medicine

one tasted pencils

one was a child

one was a traitor

visiting heavy industry

visiting the family

Two went to sleep

none could foretell

one went with baskets

one took a ledger

one night happy

one night in terror

Love could not bind them

Fear could not either

they went unconnected

they never knew where

always returning

to wait out the day

parting with kissing

parting with yawns

visiting Death till

they wore out their welcome

visiting Death till

the right disguise worked

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