Springtime In The Small Mammal House

– For Chris Tousimis

Here’s the image:

There was a jar of Nutella
That’s been sitting around
for a long time in the cupboard.
— I went ahead and took a
spoon full of it.

One pauses these days,
and wonders;
how could this soft &
dark, mud like mix be
so good, yet sit here

“There’s a poem here”,
someone said from across the
room. Just like all the other poems,
I thought,
hidden in unassuming places
– waiting to
be discovered by a daring spoon.

Daring can be seen in many places,
daring is the answer sometimes.

Digging a spoon
deep in a soft chocolate,
daring. Spring, daring,
waking up, daring,
first kiss, daring,

taking your old parents
to visit the small mammal house
in the springtime,
definitely daring,

Come to think of
It, if you are willing,
living – is – daring.

So next time you think
you can’t go on,
or there’s
nothing to go on for,

remember how good the waiting
Nutella is &
how rewarding your darings could be.

Go on, Take that spoon,
let it sink in this Nutella of a life
you have been

Washington, D.C.

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