Frank Ormsby – Moving In

Hundred and Seventy Nine 10.18.16

I often see couples making out in bars or streets when I ride my bike home at nights or read my book at bars, and sometimes it feels like they are making out in a different world in a world that everything has stopped…good for them!

Frank Ormsby 
Moving In

The first act of love in a new house
is not private. Loving each other
we are half-aware of door and mirror.
Our ecstasy includes the bedside chair,
the air from the landing.
Street-lamp and elm utter leaves on walls
as in no room ever. Theirs is the tongue
our tongues join in translating. Their message
is clear: tonight you cannot ignore
the world at the window.
So we love in the knowledge of a city
at a different angle. And sharing
our bed with furniture and tree we claim
their perspective, merging our lives here
in their established frame.

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