Rumi – Slave of the Moon

Happy Holiday, Fam! Eat yo Kale Salad and Read Yo Po3try!

This is a bit different than what most western friends are used to in terms of Rumi. Most of the Rumi we read in the west are second translations by wonderful Coleman Barks, which often focus on conveying Rumi’s message., teachings,  and image of the divine love – but doesn’t always translate the direct writing and exact words or sentences he used, since Barks does not speak Farsi, and his work is based on English translations of Rumi. I love them, but I also like the style below, because you can see the power of Rumi’s thinking and his poetry in action. This one is called (من غلام قمرم غیر قمر هیچ مگو) a direct translation from Divan-e Shams. Anwayz – enjoy and say nothing!

Slave of the Moon
I’m the slave of the Moon; talk of nothing but moon.

Or brightness and sweetness. Other than that, say nothing.


Don’t tell of suffering, talk of nothing but blessings.

If you know nothing about them, no matter. Say nothing.


Last night I went wild. Love saw me and said:

I’m here. Don’t shout, don’t rip your shirt, say nothing.


I said: O Love, what I fear is something else.

Love said there’s nothing there. Say nothing.


I’ll whisper secret words in your ears. Just nod yes.

Except for that nod of your head, say nothing.


A moon pure as spirit rose on the heart’s pathway.

What a joy, to travel the way of the heart. Say nothing.


I said: O Heart, what is this moon? Heart beckoned:

For now, it’s not for you to know. Say nothing.


I said: Is this face angel or human?

Neither angel nor human. It is other, say nothing.


I said: What’s this? I’ll lose my mind if you don’t tell me.

It said: Then lose your mind, and stay that way. Say nothing.


You who sit in this house filled with images and illusions,

get up, walk out the door. Go, and say nothing.


I said: O Heart, tell me kindly: Isn’t this about God?

It said: Yes it is, but kindly say nothing.

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