Tender Morning

Woke up somewhat tender this morning,
———————- as if I was born into a gentle breeze,
on the bed of clouds,
—————– up the river in a small village,
where houses have no roof,
————-no walls,
—————–no doors.
and people only pray when
————————————— the trees sing,
and flies ask the cows
————————-“May I sit on your back?”
In this Village
———-children are teaching the old
————————How to talk to grass,
and how to skip
——————and how to swing their legs when
they sit on a bench.

Woke up as if I was born out of no one,
——————————————-to no one.
Sufficiently alone.

Solange’s “Mad” is playing
and Lil Wayne
——————is telling me what’s he mad about.. damn this track is smooth.

Something is calling my name,
—————it is telling to sit a moment
———————to allow my eyes become soft.

Washington, D.C.

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