How To Sew A Button

How To Sew A Button

last night I learned how to sew a button,
well, you taught me how to do so,
            and now I think I have learned.
               this morning Pablo Neruda woke up in my mouth,
     tomorrow is as unpredictable as skipping stones;
        & you know how that goes, one skip? two skips? three skips?
         Whoaaa 7 skips? or maybe no skip!

       It’s 17th day of the 7th month in year 2017… so many 7 today.. who is making all these 7s?

I don’t really know where poems come from, or how words learn to dance on the paper,

or how mystery of the night,  glow of the moon, heat of the sun, or depth of your eyes were created.

Heavens! There’s so much I don’t know
such as,
placement of blueberries in muffins,
        correct order of the alphabet and the months of the year,
spelling of most people’s last name,
or how words get stolen from my mouth,
                              and get replaced with birds,
or what to say when someones knocks on the bathroom door.
Oh well..  Now I’m drinking my 4th cup of coffee, it’s before noon, and these birds in my mouth are relentless,
    one is singing,
            one is washing her wings,
   and one is writing you this poem.
       so  here I am full of birds,
                 empty of
        just loving you and thinking of all the buttons I can sew. – These I know how to.




Washington, D.C.

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