My dear,

I have asked the sun to give you a kiss when you wanted a kiss next time.  And the moon sitting in the sky ever so lazily, I have asked her to watch over you, when you are walking home alone at night. The wind shall carry lavender smell that you like so much to you, and may the light posts hum a little tune to you when the silent of the loneliness starts to hurt your beautiful ears. The trees, I have asked them to give you their bodies to lean on, and their roots shall remind you of the heavenly connections that we are.

Oranges, I told them to peel easily for you, and taste not too sweet nor too tart, just right. Avocados, they owed me one, so I have told them to repay by staying a little longer on your breakfast table, they said “sure” and gave me a nod. Flowers, I have asked them to lean forward, when you want to smell them, and if you ever wander off the beaten path you shall find an earth wearing a skin same color as mine wearing a coat made of soft moss who shall be waiting for you to show you secrets that only birds know of.  My dear, I have asked the hand that draws the figures in the sky to always remind you to be whimsical. And please never forget a broken heart is better than a heart that is hard and has never been broken, for what is broken can be fixed, but what is dead cannot love. And above all, I have asked this life and the ones you have yet to live to always give you chances to love and to let go and to love again! This is my only prayer for you and i.


Washington, D.C.

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