Welcome Fall 2017

Oh boy – here we are again! spend a couple of hours in attempt to write a poem about the fall, found a poem that I drafted on September 26 last year, tried finishing it, ended up changing it, and still nothing… One day, I’ll write a poem about the fall, it will be good, it will talk about darkness, and pies, and you in it, but that day is not today. The only good thing that came out of this exserise in the poetry gym was this :  Remembered,

(and when I say remembered I mean the same way someone tells you “bring your attention to your breathing” and you go “Aaaaah, I have not thought about the fact that I am breathing in days”) 
that fall happens with or without my poetry or me, phew… thank goodness, what a relief. – so there’s an assurance there and romantics are drunk cherishing the autumn in New York. I know because I, too, am here – not drunk, yet.

Happy Autumn mon chér, wherever you may be, whoever you may be! Here’s to change, to falling softly into sweaters, and arms like that leaf leaving her tree to rest on the ground. no more hanging upside down! No more hanging on – boy, isn’t that a drag sometimes. Hang on, hang on, hang on – I don’t wanna hang on, or hold up, hold on, or do any of those stiff things today, I’m  letting go, I’m saying goodbye, I’m peacing out. Summer does it, leaves do it, why shouldn’t I? Here’s to a peaceful naps. Here’s to Jazz, and rain on the window sill. Here’s to chillin’. Here’s to stews, fires, melancholia, romance, clichés, mulled ciders, snuggles, cool temperature, beautiful colors. Here’s to change!

Santé mon amour!

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