Not the explosion of a start a billion light years away
Not the battle of tectonic plates slaming against each other like angry rams
Not when ocean open its mouth to take in the depressive cities maddened by productivity
Nor god’s death
ah no no
you know how to survive all these
ah but
The little things
those little things can tip you over
or make you feel alive
little things can drive you to the borders of insanity
or bring you back to life
shoes laces for example
when your hands are shaky
(Shoe laces can kill you
they have done so before
many times)
or your pockets when you lock yourself out
The feeling of your fingers searching the void and touching loneliness
Not the big things
but the little things can kill you
can tip you over
can drive your to the edge of madness
can you give you joy
reason to live
reason to smile in the darkest of the nights
like your small hands in mind
or the orange you peeled for someone you love in the kitchen
beware of the little things
pay attention the little things

Washington, D.C.

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