Walt Whitman – SONGS OF INSURRECTION. Number 1

Two Hundred and Five




Ah man! What a time to be alive, and what a weekend! I feel immensely inspired and strong, as I walked down the streets of DC and marched along a million people, mostly amazing women. Damn I don’t want to walk on the sidewalk no more, and I want women to lead this movement this revolution. March was kind, relentless, organized, clean, beautiful, pretty, it was everything a new movement needs with lots of room for growth!! and someone told me : “You know why it was so kind? because it was mostly women” and ain’t that the truth!! I love my dudes, but women are better in this.. (More on men’s role in the movement later)

I know it’s winter and I know the torturers of the light are sharpening their knives to slay our light… I know I know.. I know they are shutting the doors close, and working on destroying our values, and creating an alternative, ugly, unwholesome reality — but it’s spring in my heart and revolutionaries are beautiful!! There’s a 4 year old holding a “Resist” sign in my landscape, there are grandmas giving me cookies for I have been standing on my feet for hours, there are poets writing poems for us to sing, and we get our light from the sun, and we get our moves from the rivers! We the people stand together and will fight for what is just, for what is moral, for what is wholesome.. Because we can!

President is not people, executive orders are just words on the paper, and I will not obey any law that is not a just and moral law! Resist my family, resist my own, and revolt.. I want my generation’s summer of love, our nonviolent movement, I want to see the change and be the change! I don’t want to walk on the sidewalk no more!! This is how I feel about this weekend, about the beginning of our new movement : As if I have just met someone who I am very very interested in them romantically and I want to see them everyday, I want to be with them, and give them all I have. I am smitten about people’s movement!

I am working on a piece on highlights, movement, and artists place hoping to get out pretty soon — But for now a personal highlight among many : My mom, a muslim women, lawyer, socialist, total badass called from Iran during the March and said she’s watching it live, she’s excited and supports the movement, and is proud of me for being there!! and you betta believe one of the reason I was marching was for my mama! People from all around the world are supporting us, women from all around the world are supporting us, let us use their support, let us put the cheeto head in his place and not let him and his crew destroy our future, our present to come!

This weekend I have thought a lot about artists and romantics place in the movement and their role.. we have work to do, a lot of work! I am adding revolutionary poems to the mix for the months to come as long as One Poem At A Time is on. So weekly I’ll add one or two poems that will encourage movement building, revolutions, and change.

With love in solidarity!


Walt Whitman

Number 1

COURAGE yet! my brother or my sister!
Keep on! Liberty is to be subserv’d, whatever occurs;
That is nothing, that is quell’d by one or two failures,
or any number of failures,
Or by the indifference or ingratitude of the people, or
by any unfaithfulness,
Or the show of the tushes of power, soldiers, cannon,
penal statutes.

Revolt! and still revolt! revolt!
What we believe in waits latent forever through all
the continents, and all the islands and archi-
pelagos of the sea;
What we believe in invites no one, promises nothing,
sits in calmness and light, is positive and com-
posed, knows no discouragement,
Waiting patiently, waiting its time.

(Not songs of loyalty alone are these,
But songs of insurrection also;
For I am the sworn poet of every dauntless rebel, the
world over,
And he going with me leaves peace and routine behind
And stakes his life, to be lost at any moment.)

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