Pablo Neruda – Autumn Testament

Hundred and Seventy 9.27.16

Let’s forget our names, lose all we have, and when we have nothing else to give we can sing, because when you have nothing else left all you can do is sing  — (much easier said than done, shit!) –. Ok, maybe don’t do that if that’s not your jam or if it’s not where you are at now.. not trying to change the poetry list to what-you-should-do-with-your-life list *giggly eyes* — but really, siiiiing damn it, sigh, cry, laugh, be, dance, let it out, take it in! You are more than who you are, arent’ you? Aren’t you more than your name? your job? your parents? your body? your identity? You are the freaking universe, man! You are it… donchu worry’bout a thing, donchu worry about damn trivialities… you are more than your ankle pain, more than your tax and your broken heart! You are it.. Despite all the injustice happend to you, despite all the times you cried “It’s unfair”, you are still that child your mother loved to kiss.  I don’t know.. Anyway.. here’s a poem.. it’s been a while since we have dwelled on some Neruda land!


Pablo Neruda
Autumn Testament

From having been born so often
I have salty experience
like creatures of the sea
with a passion for stars
and an earthy destination.
And so I move without knowing
to which world I’ll be returning
or if I’ll go on living.
While things are settling down,
here I’ve left my testament,
my shifting extravagaria,
so whoever goes on reading it
will never take in anything
except the constant moving
of a clear and bewildered man,
a man rainy and happy,
lively and autumn-minded.

And now I’m going behind
this page, but not disappearing.
I’ll dive into clear air
like a swimmer in the sky,
and then get back to growing
till one day I’m so small
that the wind will take me away
and I won’t know my own name
and I won’t be there when I wake.
Then I will sing in the silence.

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