Happenings, Avocado

You know how this goes.
The sun rises and sets,
so does the moon.

The clouds appear
High in the clear sky
and disappear when you don’t look.

You know how all these go,
The wave rolls
The earth quacks
The cloud disappears.

The appearing
The disappearing.
You know it all.

You know avocados don’t last forever,
Parents die,
Cars break down,
Loves end,
Lovers leave you,
And double dipping your carrot in the hummus
is a sign of intimacy
we all yearn for.
All happenings.
No one gets a pass from happenings

Now then, how should I live my life
not to shatter into million pieces,
when the heavy hand of darkness
——slams against
———-my fragile ego?
And how do I not cry my heart out
for each bruised and dead avocado?
I don’t know!
But there are things that I know!
I know that
For example,

I will not stop eating avocados,
(Taste the richness on your toast).
And I will always love the roses,
even if I cut my fingers on thorns.
I know that,
I will not stop loving you
Until I do.

Eras begin
Eras end.

Washington, D.C

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