Does it ever get better?
When you roam from one city to another,
and when it’s not as romantic as a Dylan song
and you are not as dangerous as Cash
While you wait on the line until the next U-Haul representative picks up the phone,
and you are surrounded by boxes
(When did the boxes learned to scream?)
(When did my lamp shade learned to look at me like that?)
(And why are my fingers are reading everything in a sad color?)
Do you ever learn how to not be lonely in a new city?
Or when you hold a one way ticket?
I hate bittersweet
And my ears are bleeding from the U-haul commercial tone
Oh where are you next U-haul representative
with the cheery voice
unaware of my life?
Ah I wish I could hang up the phone
wash my wings
drink up your tears
give you one last kiss
and Jump away
Just as a grasshopper would do.
Without needing to pack
or a reason
Jump as long as there’s life running through me.
move from from leaf to another.
We all move
in many ways,
from one moment to another,
and all of us have our reasons
I move, I guess, because that’s the best way I know how to stay.

Washington, D.C.

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