Hide your love
For they slay the lovers on the street corners
(Have you seen red this beautiful before?)
Hide your eyes
They are shutting every window down
(I yearn for the sunlight on your hair)
Hide your ears
Tonight street will be screeching in pain.

we must live
we must make love
we must weep.

World is not for lovers
(And dollar bills are not pretty
And no we should not go mars)
Humanity is not the best there is
(And there’s nothing kind about man)
We kill lovebirds and drown them in vodka and uppers,
And we scatter ironic smiles
at our soul’s funeral
nine to five.
And Rooms are too small to make love
Children are hiding in bomb shelters
Streets are filthy
diseased are left to die
Politicians are pissing on your dreams
Hospitals are bombed out
and shit is overflowing from the backed up swear system in south Chicago
And mobs of people are killing their own kind in Syria
And Russia is waving his cock at the United States of America
And presidential candidates are either too blind to see the black man dying
or too scared to say police are racist
or they hate all of us.
And I am angry at what we have done
And my heart is broken
and they hate me
For my color,
And they killed him because he was a beautiful the dark night..

Hide your love tonight, my own.
Hide your eyes tonight, my love.
World is not a place for lovers, no more.
and Humanity is not the best there is
And no we should not go to Mars!

Washington, D.C.

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