Charles Bukowski – you’ve got to burn

Hundred and Fifty Eight 8.23.16

For those of you who will be making trip to the desert – Come see me read poetry and slam on table and drink whiskey at my Poetry Dive Bar, Burning Man! — For those of you who won’t be there..Well, life ain’t easy and we all gotta burn first to rise – it is what it is! Roarr and Love to you! Time to get Dusty!!! 

Charles (Hank) Bukowski

you’ve got to burn
straight up and down
and then maybe sidewise
for a while
and have your guts
scrambled by a
and the demonic
you’ve got to run
along the edge of
you’ve got to starve
like a winter
you’ve go to live
with the imbecility
of at least a dozen
then maybe
you might know
where you are
for a tiny

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