Underwater There's a difference between a house that was built underwater and a house that has gone under water, One is a mystery one is ignored. one is in Atlantis, and you'll read books to your children about. one is in Puerto Rico, and you don't want to talk about. when the roses bloom more … Continue reading Underwater


Poison some fear you some hate you some love you. Some call you posion, some call you blood of christ, some call you nectar of life. Some raises a glass of you, some raises from death because of you, some just cuts the edge with you. Some never live, some never die, but tonight we … Continue reading Poison


Swift One never knows how swift life can be until they are caught in the rapids. So standing on the edge of it, at nights, I close my eyes, and try to remember the widening waves that brought me to these shores. Only then there's the breeze.   10.1.17 Washington, D.C. Inktober